High speed shooting with a robot

As you browsed our Portfolio, you will have noticed that we talk about it all the time: Cooper is to all intents and purposes our “colleague” with some superpower that makes him irreplaceable! But “who” is he really? And why is he so useful in the world of video? Here are some curiosities.

If you ever wondered how certain slow-motion shots are made, some of these behind-the-scenes images might satisfy your curiosity.

Not everyone knows it, in fact, but behind these videos full of extraordinary effects hides a lot of technology, and it is precisely the union between technology and skills that gives rise to results of great impact.

Robot Kuka-derived

Cooper is our compact six-axis Kuka-derived anthropomorphic robot with six axes, capable of reaching movement speeds of about 2.70 ms, and supporting a 10 kg camera! It can make movements precise to the millimetre and all perfectly repeatable, which allows you to rehearse a scene as many times as necessary.

Leon, combined with the technology of a camera like the Phantom, capable of shooting at 1000 fps per second in 4k, can capture the impossible in every detail: liquids, splashes, flames and food are immortalized thanks to the combined speed of the robotic arm and the camera. That’s why the precision of the movements is so accurate in our videos!

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