Table top: great emotions on a small surface

Table top is a term known above all to insiders, i.e. experts in commercials for the food market. In fact, if you have ever wondered how it is possible to make fruit jump, create waterfalls of yogurt, fly over rivers of chocolate with a video camera, the answer is Table Top.

All the filming takes place on a set as big as the surface of a kitchen table! This is possible thanks to the close-ups of every food detail, which make this type of video particularly fascinating and inviting.

It takes though a lot of preparation. Scenes of a few seconds can take days of attempts as well as a not negligible technological expertise, so that most of the camera movements are performed by a robot (if you are curious, you can read in this post something more about our Leon).

Even the lights are extremely important, because contrarily to what you think, the power needed to illuminate such a small set is greater than that used to light traditional sets. Regardless of the size of the area involved, High Speed cameras like the Phantom need a lot of light available, due to the elevated frame rate (that’s up to 2000 entire camera pictures per second!).

But the art of Tabletop is not only technology. The underlying principle is the capacity to tell a story that arouses emotions and remains current over time.

One of the questions we ask ourselves when we create a commercial is: will it still trigger the same emotions in 5 years? And in 10 years? If it is true, in fact, that the world of communication is rapidly aging, we at Wow Food believe that the most beautiful advertisements are those where the emotional charge is the main character.

If you want to tell a food story with these characteristics, contact us for an appointment. We will find the right key for a food film that expresses the values of your company and the characteristics of the product.