The contribution of WowFood for the Levissima Table Top

Nature-On arrives, the new trend that enhances and enhances the beauty, sensuality and taste of nature.

Nature is the protagonist of social networks: plants, flowers and fruits are the real influencers.
From the union of “Nature” and “Icon” comes the new term that indicates an increasingly social and increasingly aesthetic practice that emphasizes and “lights up” the elements of nature, making them iconic.

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The nature plays a crucial role since the search for an encounter with it is increasingly growing, to capture what it manages to give and contemplate the iconicity of a beauty to be preserved and protected. In fact, today the elements of nature are real influencers, able to attract attention, generate reactions and encourage people to behave responsibly.

This is at the heart of the new Nature-On trend, coined and analyzed by Levissima Natura, the latest born of the brand, in order to highlight how nature helps to regenerate with taste. Levissima, which has always been committed to the protection and enhancement of the wonders of Nature and the territory, thanks to the contribution of a pool of experts, investigates the treatment of images that make the details depicted attractive as they represent a nature enjoyed through taste.

Nature-On, crasis of the terms “nature” and “icon”, – with a double implication in the term “on” as something “that turns on” – is a trend that, in addition to the protagonism of nature on social media, has been supported by a boom in the business of plants and flowers capable of influencing people’s choices: what The Guardian defines as the “Bloom economy”. The British newspaper has elevated the elements of nature to a “social symbol”, ie as the symbol of success in the world of social networks with more than 5 billion views on Tiktok with #PlantsofTikTok, over 180 million with the neologism #naturelovers, and more 6 million with #natureporn.


Today, in fact, photos of plants, flowers and fruits are the latest trend of Instagram and TikTok, with a significant growth of highly aestheticized subjects: the practice of sharing shots depicting images and videos of nature, in fact, is almost natural, accentuating the aesthetic side, since, as Marco Toffanin, professor of Multimedia Communication, University of Padua, argues, “flowers and fruits, with their intricate patterns, particular surfaces and bright, saturated and extreme colors, have all the characteristics for draw attention to social media feeds “.

Furthermore, we are facing an evolution in the way in which nature is represented, since from the macro of landscapes we go towards the micro, with close-up images able to enhance the details in their iconicity, saturating the colors, thanks to a “technology that has allowed users to frame subjects very closely, enlarging details not visible in the common human experience and consequently increasing curiosity” – concludes the expert Marco Toffanin.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for man, capable of generating amazement and wonder as the protagonist of works of art, since as the Garden Designer Francesco Fedelfio points out, “immortalizing the plant and animal world has always been part of nature. human life, from rock paintings and engravings to marble statues up to the use of smartphones with photos and videos. Over the centuries only the method of transmission and use of what is seen and liked has changed. With respect to the elements of nature as such, we are genetically driven to seek natural environments in which to evolve; this is why more and more people create them ad-hoc in their daily lives, whether they are plants in the house, a vegetable garden, a garden “.


Here are more and more plantgramers, plantparents, plantlovers, plantinfluencers, those who elevate plants, flowers and fruits to influencers, representing them as members of the family, of a family in transformation, which welcomes a natural and floral component as an integral part of their own everyday life. The digital generation, in fact, accustomed to the speed of video games and the immediacy of the touch-screen, rediscovers the practice of cultivation. Just think of the amount of video tutorials on repotting plants and vignettes showing apartments overcrowded with green guests.

A passion, that for nature, that goes beyond aesthetic gratification: there is an aesthetic that can positively influence people while respecting nature through its experience. “The starting point is certainly aesthetics but in the end it becomes experience – says psychologist and writer Vera Slepoj – Aesthetics are still linked to beauty, and beauty prevents you from outrage, prevents you from hurting it, prevents you from destroy it “.

There is, therefore, an unconscious aspect for which the search for detail becomes experience, and, consequently, the search for social consensus, such as to potentially ignite a greater sensitivity towards the environment: an aesthetic that portrays and enhances nature capable of positively influence people with respect for it. “If while taking a photo of a sunset I am free to get excited and, at the same time, I also understand how much the environment is being ruined, I will inexorably become a guardian of the protection of that property” – concludes Vera Slepoj.

Emotions and aesthetics are also at the center of the latest digital campaign by Levissima Natura, developed by applying the so-called #foodporn treatment technique transported to the world of nature, to highlight the beauty of the ingredients and the taste given by cold infusion, true protagonists of the new spot, capable of providing a slow, relaxing and naturally tasty sensory experience. In fact, as the director of the campaign Riccardo De Vito tells us, for the professionals on the set, there has been a reversal of trend: from a work done exclusively in computer graphics to a set in which the subject of the images is real.


Here the selected 100% natural cold-infused mountain ingredients by Levissima Natura – apple and mountain herbs, white mountain tea and elderflower, green mountain tea and lime blossom – are protagonists not only in creating images aesthetically wonderful thanks to super slow motion shots and macro lenses, but also, and above all, of a story that aims to create knowledge and cause amazement. “A treatment of the subject that expresses the will to communicate the truth, nature in this case, for what it is, be it small or large” – concludes the director.

Here Levissima Natura investigates a trend capable of creating a reaction of surprise and curiosity in the viewer and opening the doors of a world not visible to the naked eye, but whose strength and magnificence are able to make people experience a journey to discover them. themselves and the importance of their contribution not only to enhance and enhance, but also to protect the wonders of Nature.

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