Cookies Policy

While browsing our Site, some cookies will be stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Data is collected only to the extent technically necessary. A cookie is a text string stored on the user’s computer/device while navigating on a site and has the purpose of collecting information related to your navigation, in order to improve your browsing experience. The information collected will be used and made anonymous by Wow Food only for internal, statistical purposes and to improve the functioning of the website. Therefore there are no conclusions about the identity of the user possible and there is no merge with other data. The transfer of personal data to third parties will only take place if necessary in the context of communication and cooperation, or court ruling. Companies that receive personal information from us are required to comply our privacy policy.

If you do not wish to use cookies, you must configure your computer parameters in order to deactivate all or part of the cookies on the website and/or to request notification if cookies are stored.

If you do not wish to change the configuration of cookies, simply continue browsing the site.

What types of cookies are there?

The “technical cookies” are those that provide the navigator with certain functions that facilitate navigation and are divided into:

Session or navigation cookies;
Analytics cookies;
Functionality cookies.

The “Profiling cookies make it possible to create a personal profile of the navigator based on his/her behaviour and are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the navigator when surfing the net.

The “Third party cookies” are those installed by visiting our site but using computer systems over which we have no direct control and for purposes and methods of processing over which we have no direct control.

What types of cookies do we use?

Session or navigation cookies: they guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website. Their function is limited to the transmission of session identification data necessary to ensure efficient navigation. They are deleted at the end of the browsing session.

Performance or analytical cookies: these cookies collect anonymous information relating to navigation on the Website. They make it possible to identify any problems or to improve navigation on the Site.

How to manage cookies on your computer?

Cookies can be managed in different ways: depending on your preferences, you can authorize, reject or deactivate them (a cookie already deposited/memorized can only be deactivated. These cookies will only be deleted at the end of their life cycle). Please note that a total refusal to use cookies may render some of our Services inaccessible or may result in less efficient, less effective or less suitable use of our Services.

You can express your choices and change your preferences on your computer. The configuration of each computer is different. For more information about deactivating and setting cookies, refer to your browser editor’s instructions.

If you would like to assert your rights or you have privacy issues with Wow Food, please contact:

Wow Food reserves the right to modify the security and privacy practices as well as to update this Privacy Policy.