They adorn the top of a cake, or they plunge into a cocktail inside an ice capsule.
Frosted with sugar, they accompany other tasty berries or softly sink into wipped cream.
Here is the path of a strawberry through the seasons.


As the strawberries season approaches, the idea is to enhance the quality of the Naturama brand, telling all the possible uses of this fruit in the kitchen. Delicious au naturel,, Naturama strawberries become decorative, colourful, tasty and also pleasantly “thirst-quenching” when combined with a fresh drink.

In the storyboard, the protagonist is a single strawberry travelling through the 4 seasons, symbols of as many uses of this beloved fruit in the kitchen. It starts from its “birth” in spring among clear water and flowers and then slips into the winter breeze, which we like to tell first with expanses of sugar, then with sheets of ice.

The latter gives life to the cube that, diving into a colorful cocktail, will represent the summer. A dip in cream and the soft landing on a fresh cake, brings back to the present, with spring and strawberries in their pack.


The design set starts days before the actual video production for the sugar bottoms and ice sheets. Ephemeral and delicate materials, they require a long preparation and a consistent stock to repeat the scenes several times.

At the same time, the initial scene in the flower tank requires fresh and punctual food styling at the moment of shooting. The video, shot with a Phantom camera, has a meditative rhythm, with extreme attention to detail. The strawberry, the real protagonist, despite its small size, must dominate the scene. The path it takes is designed and calibrated with our robot Cooper. The music chosen is intentionally nostalgic, in harmony with the story that tells sweet but fleeting moments of taste..


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