Project Description


A rhythm that evokes the Rising Sun, energetic, sharp, like the sharp blade that cuts every slice of sashimi with maniacal perfection or that transforms avocado and exotic fruit into rains of cubes. Spices and seeds are overwhelmed in the dance, followed by flower petals in full Sakura.


The Esselunga sushi range does not stop its growth: the classic maki and sashimi are combined with poke, tartare, huramaki, onigiri and many other delicacies prepared fresh every day. An assortment that the brand decides to communicate by bringing on the monitors the story of a real homemade “Japanese” evening. The added value is to suggest ideas for presentation and quick and easy recipes that can also be found in the monthly magazine Da Noi, distributed to customers free of charge.

In the story, the focus is on the dishes, from tiradito to chirashi, which are composed in stop motion or through special effects to tell the perfection of each cut of fish and at the same time enhance the mix of ingredients from which a fantastic play of colors comes out. The sequence of scenes, in fact, is already a form of recipe-tutorial in itself as it shows the order in which the ingredients are arranged within the serving dishes.


The study of the set design is very important: the background is elaborated with a material technique that partly incorporates elements such as branches and petals.

All the movements are highly studied, from the flowers, which must evoke lightness, to the rotating movement of the top, from the large funnel that collects the rice to the pouring of ingredients. The video is shot with a Phantom camera, while some movements are enabled by our robot Cooper.